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Found 23rd Sep 2009
The BBC has been given rare access to the military hospital at Selly Oak, Birmingham, and followed two gravely-injured servicemen from the Afghanistan frontline to treatment in the UK.

When we visit, the military-managed ward at Selly Oak hospital is spotless and humming with calm activity.

Almost every bed is occupied, several with soldiers who have suffered multiple amputations as well as severe burns or facial injuries. Some lie bandaged and motionless, while others chat or listen to the radio.

The hospital is currently looking after 31 military patients, including three servicewomen, most of them badly wounded in Helmand - the majority as the result of the Taliban's deadliest weapon, the improvised explosive device or IED.
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cheers for the reminder

cheers for the reminder

No probs.

Living close to airport and having a sister in the police, i had noticed the military planes landing at brum int more often and my sis told me that west mids police were blue lighting the SERIOUSLY injured troops from brum airport to the QE and selly oak as soon as they land.

Have seen the unmarked cop cars followed by an ambulance a few times recently and it's an awful thought thinking about the injuries that person must have.
thanks for letting us know
iv always said they shouldnt be there in the first place

ps- wont be watching the program cus it is so sad to see our troops come back hurt. they dont deserve to be there
Not on in Scotland, need to catch it on iplayer.. rangers game is on the now
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