Wow just seen that advert 4 T-Mobile where they are dancing in the train station!

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superb funny as

yea i saw on the news yesterday it looked fun

Very cool - like it a lot!!!
Wish I could dance like that!!!:thumbsup:

Great to see people enjoying themslves in these times of doom and gloom

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Very cool - like it a lot!!! Wish I could dance like that!!!:thumbsup:

I can, but thats after a few drinks...... ummmm maybe not:oops:

thats why they cant give me an upgrade after being on contract for over 20 months, they'[ve spent the money on that advert!!!!

Superb! It must have cost a fortune it was about 2 minutes long I would say.

Definitely made me smile, was a welcome relief during the seemingly unending tedium of Big Brother!!!!

cool ad, my daughter was dancing along to it, wish i could dance like that!

Does anyone know when it is coming on again or was it a one off?


This was filmed at Liverpool Street Station, My boyfriend works for T-mobile and got to watch the auditions videos from T-mobile employee's. The are actually 350 people dancing in this advert!
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