Wow look what happens when ONE person intervenes

I swear this was posted a few hours ago!!!
i see nothing
i guess someone intervened and failed the thread
Who ? what ? why ? were ? when ?
It was the old woman who intervened in the robbery.
seen it on the news!
I would be so proud if she was my grandma.

I hope the jewellers gave her someting nice for her trouble.
seems to have been spammed, original thread lost it's video

haha, immense! whats the deal with them shutters though? how slow were they!
Haha, my we 85 year old Grandad had to steal back his car about a year ago, he was sitting in traffic and run back to give a lost foreign guy directions (He previously gave him directions then wanted to update him or probably give him wrong ones and wanted to correct himself), he left his car running in the traffic and run back and some young hoody jumped in and was trying to edge out, he told us he just grabbed him and said “Get the f**k out son that’s my car”, and that was that

Never underestimate the old folk, they have been there done that
Its on 'LBC' website
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