wowcamera vs. wondamobile : which one of them provides a better service for consumers?

Posted 13th Aug 2020
Are they trustpilot reviews genuine also?
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Considering both are foreign-based traders and the inherent difficulty & cost in enforcing any warranty servicing or change of mind returns, Wowcamera is probably the least compromised option.

Basis of that suggestion is WC laughably suggesting that the purchased item will be subject to manufacturer warranty service and duration, where the savvy buyer can bypass the likely problematic WC-arranged warranty by making an S75-qualifying purchase involving an item costing more than £100 and making payment via "PayPal Credit" (not PayPal account). This would obligate PPC to provide any warranty servicing comparable to the manufacturer service, although even PayPal Credit is a foreign service.
PPC + S75 could also be applied to a WM purchase but WM states merchant warranty not manufacturer warranty.
Buyer will be stung for change of mind returns regardless of supplier, but WM states it additionally charges for CoM returns.

Any other purchase options from either supplier is a leap of faith as there is no easy way to force the foreign trader to perform or to respect UK consumer expectations.
I've bought my phone and a £1.5K camera from wowcamera.. no problem. The packing could be a bit better, but spot on apart from that. (both shipped from Luxembourg)
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