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Wowcher, Groupon or similar short breaks

Posted 4th Jul 2014
Hello there. I keep seeing these offers for short breaks and have been tempted but not bought them. I always feel that if I do I will never get the date I want at the place I have the voucher for. Am I correct in assuming this or do most people find that they get the dates that they are actually looking for?

Are there any hidden extras that people come accross?

The deals always seem to be "for 2" has anyone ever asked if they can take a child for an appropriate supplement and what the result has been?

Many thanks for your replies.
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I have bought a couple and not really had any problem but have been a little flexible on my dates. There was one recently on KGB that I fancied so I rang the hotel before buying to see if they had availability for when I wanted as it was pretty specific this time and it was not a problem.

Just ring the hotel involved before buying and ask the question, also although I have not gone with children I am sure if the room allowed then the hotel would be delighted to get a little extra for a child, again just ring and ask.

Good luck.
I have found that you have to be quite flexible on dates. The last one I bought, I phoned the hotel and they said sorry we are now fully booked up, there is no availability. I was a tad annoyed and said I would take it up with Groupon - miraculously I was then offered a choice of 3 different dates. I did book a deal which involved a Ramada Hotel and there was absolutely no problem whatsoever on getting dates, so perhaps it depends on how big the hotel is.
i am skeptical of wowcher (very!), and a lot of groupon ones too, but at least groupon has a satisfaction guaranteed policy, i don't think wowcher does.

this is just a rough observation, obv you'll need to do your homework more before commiting a large sum of money.
I have bought several of these deals and most of them have worked out OK. Have got a refund without much trouble if booking was unsuccessful. If its a really good deal, its likely to be popular so book early otherwise you may well be disappointed. Don't leave it too late and definitely not at the last minute.

Beware of Groupon, as they failed to refund me for a restaurant offer - the chef was late on the day and the barman wanted my companion & I to drink for 2 hours until the chef was ready!! Probably drunk, as we would have been! Cost me £12.

See the moneysavingexpert.com's website's forums for discussions about Groupon and the others.

I find KGBDeals are beginning to behave like Groupon now. I bought a voucher for a car service for £39 incl oil & filter. The voucher did not say I had to have synthetic oil and pay a £4 per litre supplement, which was £24. Then there was another supplement because my oil filter was more expensive. These supplement vastly inflate the face cost. I asked for a refund and was offered a credit note which I refused as I am not buying from KGBDeals anymore. I am making a chargeback claim on my credit card.

I bought a 2-night break from Wowcher but the hotel/pub did not answer the phone or e-mails. Wowcher gave me a refund no problem. I will buy from Wowcher again.

Hope the above comments help.
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Thanks for your responses. Not as bad as I imagined really.
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