wowcher watch through wristy business or the watch cabin ?

Posted 4th Mar 2017
Currently looking to buy a watch from wowcher sold by wristy business never heard of them and not much review so I google the watch and saw the watch cabin with a lot of reviews but never heard of the website ? Any idea what I should do guys ?
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Hi,I used the watch cabin a couple of months ago not only saved money but quick and reliable.Hope this helps

Hi,I used the watch cabin a couple of months ago not only saved money but … Hi,I used the watch cabin a couple of months ago not only saved money but quick and reliable.Hope this helps

Was the watch genuine ? The watch I'm looking at is half the price? Just seen like too good to be true
Remember the golden rule of the internet - if it seems too good to be probably is.

Have a look at trust pilot to see how the watch cabin fares
Looked ready, it's not on trust pilot but on something called trustedshops? But I haven't heard of them either haha
That's for the watch cabin btw
old thread I know, but if someone bumps into this, here is advise. Watch business is quite a very delicate business because watches, all of them server a very simple, identical purpose, of telling time. This means that a watch, authentic or fake can serve out this purpose for a considerably acceptable period (1 or 2 yrs) without problems (which is typical warranty period)
So it can be very hard to distinguish between replica and authentic one. Replicas/fakes are well made these days.
Best advice is to consider buying a branded watch as buying the brand of the retailer instead of the brand on the face of the watch. An example to illustrate this thinking is; consider a £120 Armani watch bought from Goldsmiths VS a £700 Seamaster bought from "". Obviously the Goldsmiths watch will be regarded as a better value because of where it was bought from. Watches from obscure online retailers are always questionable.
So for peace of mind, I would go for watches sold directly by Amazon, or reputable retailers like Goldsmiths, House of Fraser, John Lewis etc...
I know this post is old but thought I'd share my knowledge on here for those who are thinking they are getting a belta deal on Hugo, Armani etc etc watches. Theres usually 3 versions of the fakes. The cheap Chinese which look good but cheap inside and nothing works but time. Then you get the good replicas for anything from £50-100. These look almost the same and the movement is a very good Japanese movement. You get 2 brands of AAA replica. Japanese perpetual automatic movement no jewels then you get the Swiss AAA's. They come with all the right paper work, all exact materials parts and jewels. That's because they are usually made by the very same Swiss watch makers who made the original. You can not tell these apart from anything other than the serial number as mostly they all have the same one. These cost around £400-£800 depending where you go. Theres 100's of free watch serial number checking sites around so you'd be a fool to not check even the most experienced jewels have been fooled because they're the same. As already said, if it's too good to be true, then it already is. You pay peanuts you get monkeys. Getting the £350 Hugo boss watches for £120 is already telling you that it's a Japanese movement A+ copy. Theres a few ways of telling, the pins when you take the links out are crappy hair pin like pins not a long thin screw. Inside the movement will have almost nothing printed on them just eg Hugo boss then Japanese movement. No serial numbers or model numbers. The biggest telltale is, the buttons on the side on some watches that control the small dials keep spinning when pressed, the fakes just click and move once. advice... buy from a known retailer which is around the top end. You get 10 year guarantee with most movements. But if you pay twice as much and the watch lasts 4 times longer, you're getting it half price.
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