wow...rayman hits 45,000 posts!

    he jus locked a thread and i noticed hes on 45,000 posts! mad!! well done u walking avatar thingy!


    Really should get out more

    Congrats :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    he is the modfather!


    Original Poster

    has he got the hoghest posts?!?!

    omg, thats a lot i dont i would ever do that many lol.
    oh yer congratz

    Original Poster

    but he is a mod!!! so thats kinda his job!!!

    Original Poster

    anyways night all x


    wow 45k. congrats

    I feel sorry for the stickman...

    Walking... and walking... and walking... :-(

    45k At this rate I'll be pretty much dead by the time I get to that


    45k At this rate I'll be pretty much dead by the time I get to that

    i hope so...troll

    Thats alot of chat - well done Rayman xx

    lol, good job pal

    Congratulations Rayman :thumbsup:

    well done. hi magicbeans, how ru hun?


    spam-ahoy lol

    How long has rayman been on this site?? Please give us some info on you mods!!!!


    Just kidding well done

    Crowned the King ...

    Well done ray

    WHOAAAA 45k! worthy of Mod Father.

    special mention methinks![COLOR=blue]Well done & Congrats[/COLOR] :thumbsup:

    [COLOR="SeaGreen"][SIZE="4"]Congratulations rayman[/SIZE][/COLOR]



    A lot of posts Well done thanks for all the help!

    Good Job Ray:thumbsup:

    well done and keep up the good work hun!!!! :thumbsup:

    :lol:Jeepers - thats just wrong!!

    Nice one mate! What do you do in your spare time??

    nice posting

    congrats and well done

    do u think he has stopped posting now cos he is still on exactly 45000

    well done....................but never heard of him :thinking:

    congrats evan tho he's a mod

    Thanks all I'm going to slow down now and start deleting my own posts instead of making new ones

    Oh okay maybe not ;-) Perhaps I'll just slow down a little more though :-D
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