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Found 13th Jan 2011
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Review of Casa Spa, London
Excellency is the word for this quaint place.
First, I must say I am appalled by the few bad reviews I've read about this place, even though more than 2/3 are well favourable, the less than 1/3 remaining are so inconsistent with the reality!
Yes, this place is tiny, but for the better. You can have the full attention of the welcoming, friendly and professional staff and you get plenty of peace and privacy because it is not crowded.
The sessions are well organised so that people are not on top of each other’s and are taking full advantage of their allocated time.
This is not the case with quite a few of the bigger places I have visited, where you can't sometime get to a facility or are uncomfortable for proximity and lack of privacy.
Because I have taken other treatments after my brilliant original experience at CasaSpa, I have witnessed a few times the lady owner stating: "I m sorry Madam, this is not in your contract", while I was waiting in the reception room.
Clients should may be check what is on offer with their packages so as not to be disappointed.
You can only stay in a Hammam for a short time. 4 hours will kill you! A Hammam is, ... a steam room! What did you expect?
I had the most wonderful time there.
As soon as you come in you forget about being in a busy town. The décor and its mosaics, transports you to the Orient. It has a calm and serene ambience. You are given a vervain and mint tea in an authentic glass. Staff is genuinely pleasant and good natured, forthcoming and generous.
As for the cleanliness, this picturesque little Hammam is immaculate. Towels smell good. There isn't a bit of dirt to be seen. Refreshments are served in clean authentic dishes.
I felt so relaxed, rejuvenated and happy when I left the place.
My skin was so smoothed, my hair felt like silk.
Pure bliss!
And terrific value for money.
Won’t hesitate to recommend it
Visited August 2014

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