Writing to a company but not getting much response??

    Does anybody know if the following correct? By law companies have to reply within 3 weeks of someone writes to them? If so how do you follow this up if they don’t reply?

    I'm enquiring on behalf of someone who recently received two brand new electronic items (each worth about £120) which were delivered in error. They wrote to the company the items came from explaining the situation though as of yet haven't received a reply. I'm not actually sure when they wrote to the company in question though the delivery of the items was back in November 2011.

    Anyway, the situation so far is as follows:

    Initially the company the items came from failed to collect them after been told the situation, though when they did they redeliver them again 3 days later after they were told they weren't the items ordered.

    The courier made 2 further appointments to collect the items though failed to turn up both times even after contact details were given, mobile phone number, etc.

    The person I'm enquiring for is also worried about keeping the items and they are also concerned if they keep them what might happen.

    Anyway, despite phoning, writing and emailing the company the items came from they still failed to collect them. They also phoned Consumer Direct who apparently were non committal, so they emailed them instead. Consumer Direct explained they didn't know though said as they were small items that it wasn't unreasonable for them to keep them safe for a longer period of time than the month they gave them to collect in there last written communication.

    Does anyone know what to do in this kind situation?

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