Wrong bank details. Help needed urgent please.

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Found 23rd Jul 2008
I have sent a couple of people on here my bank details to pay for something but my account number is wrong and they have sent the money.

Will they get the money back in there account? Can I do anything?


it will tell the person straight away if it has gone though or not, if it has, then it will be very hard for them to get there money back.

It would go back into there account only if the details you have given do not exist, but it would of told them as soon as they tried to complete the transaction.

ask the other person to check with their bank to get the transfer reversed

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But I gave them my name so would it still go through if the name of the persons back it went to was different.

Also is it not unlikely for the same sort code to have an account number similar to mine. As I only made a mistake with 1 number.

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Anyone please? Urgent.

Rep for you 2 btw.

Did the people paying you go to the bank or wire online / other means?

I've been given a wrong account number before and the girl at the bank sorted it for me and found the right one there and then.

Ring your bank and ask for advice.

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I think they made the payment by online bank transfer.

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Ring your bank and ask for advice.

Thanks lol, most obvious but didn't think of that.

Rep left for you 2.

Your best bet is to speak to the other person and see if they have transferred the cash yet. There is usually a few working days transfer time, so they may be able to contact their bank and get it cancelled.

Your bank first off and then ask the payer to contact their bank ASAP with the correct account number. Your bank may be able to transfer the funds in to a holding account until it is sorted out
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