Wrong Postcode but rest of address is correct.

Posted 12th Sep 2019
I've ordered a new phone Sim Free from eglobal. I'm an idiot for not deleting my old addresses from chrome auto fill, so when I put in my email during the email it changed my postcode to my old house.

As a result, every single aspect of my address is correct (House number, Street, Village, Town, County, Mobile Number all correct) on the order, apart from my postcode which will put the driver about 2 minutes up the road from my new house.

What's the chances he will figure out the postcode is wrong? Since the item is shipping from Hong Kong originally I'm bricking it thinking it's going to get lost, which will be £325 down the drain. To what extent is postcode used to find addresses compared to say using the actual street?

I'm not sure what courier it is yet, as it's in a 'packing' phase with eglobal they haven't given me a tracking number yet. So I'm just hoping someone here has experience with this situation and can stop me bricking it!
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