WT happened to the Staples deal I posted ?

    is a freebie with "any" purchase no longer classed as a hot deal ?


    You don't say here what the Freebie was so it might be worth checking the Staples deals already posted to see if it's a dupe ]HERE

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    I did, it isn't there...

    it's a free Internet Phone PDA with any purchase, no mention of minimum value...…MJL

    Well there's a dedicated thread in the comments & suggestions forum for "where's my thread enquiries" or PM Edi, Emmajk42 & Fordy who are moddin' at the mo & might be able to shed some light....??!?

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    ok... thanks

    You posted the deal, which is a voucher code, in FREEBIES. The PDA is not a freebie as you have to buy something to receive the gift hence the post was moved and you were PMed immediately.

    Thanks for the repost but without looking into what went wrong & checking ur PM, queries starting with [COLOR=red]WTF[/COLOR] cant be tolerated :x
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