WTB: Army of Two PS3

    anybody out there selling Army of two? seeing it brand new for about £17, second hand for about £15/£16, but if someone's willing to let go of it for less please post here!

    also post if you find hotter deals for new


    Can't find anything cheaper.
    But there seems to be some goings on with bogoffs and cheap reductions, in both Sainsburys and PCWorld atm, if no one offers you anything i'd have a nose or a least a ring round to see if they have anything.

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    just looking for good coop games, any other recommendations? i could totally do thw sainsbury / pcworld sweep...

    I quite enjoyed resitance :FOM…tml
    £8.95 if you use the 10% student through googlecheckout.
    I bought this the other week.

    Other is Resistance 2. The multiplayer options as well as co-op are meant to be brilliant.
    But its all taste.…PS3
    Waiting on that to be restocked.

    Players will once again step into the war-torn boots of Nathan Hale, who not only faces near impossible odds on the battlefield, but also constantly struggles with the Chimeran virus raging inside his own body. In addition to an epic single-player campaign, Resistance 2 offers a truly unprecedented eight-player, class-based online co-op campaign with a separate, parallel storyline and 60-player online competitive multiplayer built upon a massive battles, greater intimacy mantra.

    The best co-op atm so everyone keeps raving on to me is Call of Duty 5 World at War, waiting on a decent price for this myself. A friend, plays the co-op with mates online and says its ace.

    Also if you have a wilksons plus store or whatever they are called near you they have it listed @ 12.99 online…228

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    thanks adam2050! i just finished resistance FOM hence me looking for other coops. think we'll take a break for a month from the resistance series before going onto 2.
    saw the £12.99 offer, pity i don't have a store nearby would cost me as much to get to the store rather than just have it shipped to me!

    No problem im going to wait for resistance 2, i dont think shopto will be doing it at the price again. Its been the one and only to go to that price, I doubt others will for a while, but we can hope along with cod 5.
    Hope someone offers you this game soon, and give us a msg if you get whether its worth playing.

    I have Army of two for PS3 its your for 11 pound delivered
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