WTB - Orange LG KS360 for xmas present

    Hello All,

    Looking for a deal on a PAYG LG KS360 have been on Orange and CPW and best price 79.99, does anyone have voucher codes for either ?

    Thanks for looking


    This phone was available for 20 quid or so cheaper only last month i think..shame, i missed out also.

    I dont know if theres any deals..Started a quick search but nothing as of yet. I shall keep looking.

    (bit of a bump)

    Great iccle phone I think.. reviews mixed but generally quite good.

    If you know someone with student ID you could take them along to get £10 discount.

    I had one a while ago, bought for £89.99 (£10 top-up inc), best price I could find a month back

    Do you mean get £10 off at the orange shop with a student card as I am also looking for a good price on a KS 360?


    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I need a LG KS360 coz im willing to buy it

    thank you[/COLOR]
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