WTB Phone stand/tripod, need recommendations

Posted 25th Nov
This maybe a niche request but worth asking here I think. I'm looking for solution for holding a phone or tablet (undecided, need both options if possible) for photo purposes.

I've tried spring loaded things in the past but in both cases the spring damaged the clip on the plastic of the holder.

Freestanding or surface clamp are both possible, Probably need 2-3 feet of height above whatever surface the stand is on or attached to but also would need swivel and height adjustment.

There are a baffling selection of these on places like Amazon but I'd rather find out if anyone has tried any of these products and has anything, good or bad, to say about specific models.

Obviously I'd like one that I don't have to replace 2 weeks later and that actually holds the camera in place without slowly failing to gravity. On the other hand I'm not looking at something in the Manfrotto price range, sales or not.

In case anyone was wondering, this is for a workbench but doesn't need to be industrial specifications.I just want something to record the condition of items easily.

Thanks for reading.
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