Wtd : 2 laptops Wii.

    Wanted for xmas pressies..

    Must be in excellent condition. No marks Gift quality..

    Ideally im looking for laptops worth £400+ each in the shops (current retail prices, not 6 months ago!), I will pay upto £200 each, because of being second hand / no box / no receipt etc..

    Also wanted, Nintendo Wii.. Will offer upto £100 for one.. One wii controller needed. No games needed, just the wii sports pack. (games are a bonus) Second hand condition ok.. As long as its working.. :-)

    If selling.. Please notice, the seller must be within the Birmingham Area, or willing to deliver to Birmingham.

    Needed for 22nd december 2008.

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    Update : still looking..

    May be willing to part with £350 for a really good top spec laptop.
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