WTD: 2x Nokia 1209 Asda Mobile

    Need a couple fo cheap phones.

    Went into asda but they had the offer board with a poster saying out of stock

    I guess these will do the job

    Not taking my expensive ones on holiday

    Offering £13 + £2 petrol costs so £15 each and also delivery on top which should be total £2ish via recorded 1st class (or second i dont mind)


    i'll check my local one tomorrow. if they are in there in stock i will pick you up a couple. will let you know tomorrow but postage will be more than 2 quid i think

    Original Poster

    well recorded 1st class is like 2 quid i reckon. i remember my old nokia 2630 having a tiny box and it was the same size as i 1/2 cans of coke but way lighter ofcourse.

    good luck :P

    tried two stores but no luck. seems to have sold pretty fast or stock never came in


    I can buy u 2 for £15 each as there are some in the asda which is 30seconds away from my house. let me know if ur intrested:thumbsup:

    got 2 for you mate, pm'ed didnt realise the boxes were so small!!

    Original Poster


    got 2 for you mate, pm'ed didnt realise the boxes were so small!!

    pm me your paypal and ill send ppg. thanks bud

    btw u can keep the asda sims!!!

    These Handsets Are 100% Not Unlocked
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