Found 4th Jul 2007
Sorry that this is probably the 1 million'th post about bloody LCD's but i was wondering if anyone has seen any good tv's kicking about? The tv will be mostly used for my XBOX 360 in the dining room so normal tv wont really matter. Now ive found these 2 on ebuyer and was wondering if they are any good?…b/0…b/0

Now the Teco reviews state that the sound is pretty poor, anyone vouch for that?

Also the Antec is 1080i where as the Teco is 1080i and 720p, will that matter? i mean is 1080i better than 720p or are they both same when using an xbox?

Ill have about £370 to spend so thx for any advice!

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If you can find an extra £75 I would go for the Samsung in this thread…228

Brought one myself & it is an awesome TV :-)

Think the 360 outputs at 720 - using mine via the component connection & it looks the nutts. You want any LCD you buy to be 1080i really & have HDMI connectivity.

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Ahhh remember seeing this thx m8

try and get the JT01 2000G Hanspree just ordered one for 287 delivered but i had free delivery
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