WTD 48 Hr Xbox Live Code

    Hi all

    Appealing to your good natures

    Desp for a 48Hr XboxLive....and although some one pm'd me a code from a previous thread unfortuantely it was invalid.
    If anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated--rep and gratitude awaits.

    Thanks & regards,


    Original Poster


    PM'd mate



    Stop begging, get your cash out like the rest of us and buy a subscription you tightwad.
    Enough money to buy an xbox enough money to buy a sub.

    Original Poster

    thanks K1LLER--much appreciated---rep added

    esq..."sssshhhhhhhhh !"


    thanks K1LLER--much appreciated---rep addedesq..."sssshhhhhhhhh !"

    Good to see you have contributed plenty help to the HUKD site in return for your free code, :thumbsup:

    Keep on begging dude, that's what folk like to see.

    Original Poster

    mate---if you cant help, or you dont want to then just move right along....theres nothing to see here for you.
    Its upto others to help if they want I have in the past and will when i get the opportunity again.
    Not everything has to be a commercial transaction....just butt out eh?

    ps I contributed both rep and gratitude----what would you like me to do....give blood and/or money too?--would that make you happier?
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