wtd a voucher or better deal, (fuji s camera)

    hi people im after a fuji s camera there is a s1500 for 95.00 but looking to see if anyone got any codes?
    or any better deals?
    was looking for s1600 or above but dont mine the s1500 if i can get it cheaper?

    please help if you can thanks


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    ive been that they sent them out crap
    where the buyacamera im told they good?

    I've bought from Fuji refurb shop and it's been fine. Comes with a 12 month warranty. I've never heard of buyacamera but would assume that they're a fuji refurb reseller so you're likely to get the same product from them as buying direct from Fuji.

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    ok thats do they come as they would do. eg no they like used or like new?

    wud u be interested in Nikon S3000?

    I've bought a couple of refurbs from Fuji - they've been as good as new - same packaging and, apparently, unused.

    a friend has the S1800, bought from Amazon for £155 - currently £131…uji
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    would like a 12mp but around £120 ish
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