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    Hi HUKDers,

    OK here is the scenario - My girlfriend goes to Spain at the end of September to teach English in a Spanish school.

    I'm staying in the UK due to University.

    What in your opinion is the best way to keep in contact - i like phone calls - they're personal - but i'm guessing calling a mobile (spanish carrier) will be expensive.

    Ive been looking into skype for her. has anyone used it?

    could i get her one of these phones…ne/ and would that allow her to call my skype account (on my PC) for free? and would it cost her to call my mobile?

    if so how much are the costs?

    what about just using skype on her laptop - i get skype, she gets skype - we both log on and talk to eachother for free? thats the best option i think - but i want her to be able to talk to me when shes chilling on the beach or whatever.

    anyone any ideas?


    look at onetel or similar-son uses it to the usa and i think its 2p a minute. If she is on a mobile she will pay to receive the calls. Son uses skype mostly. If she gets a spanish mobile or sim i would think it will be less for her to receive calls, or as i just heard on the plane ryanair offer a phone card offers £30 worth calls when abroad for £10 but didnt look into it as i used a foreign sim.

    if she get a spainish chip it sould not cost her a penny to resive a call and cheaper to call u from it.

    it will cost u to call her though how much depends on your net work skype would be best for when she is at home
    u would have to ash 3 how there phone will work out there.

    u could also use a calling card to phone her spanish phone when she is ont home. free from a land line (0800) or if u have unlimited land line on a contract then 0207 or 0208 on the back of the card.

    there is a deal with orange where u get 900min to call the uk and inta (spain) out of your mins £47 per month. but its more of a business plan i do no a shop that could do it for u in camden town.

    there is also a orange plan but for like 50 something witch will give u mins to resive and to send abrod but thats quite a bit cus u dont get much. min.
    also on payg orange camel they give u cheap rates to spain check there web site

    if it was me i would get her to get a spainish chip and i would use a calling card or the orange plan (solo 40 or 45)

    i hope that this helps good luck

    You can use a service like Rebtel to enable you to call from your mobile at very cheap rates.

    Get talk talk mate free calls to spain ill see if i can get u sorted i work for them you get free calls to europe etc check it out online and pm me ill sort something hoepfully tc

    what about msn!?

    Original Poster

    yeh we both said msn was an option - alothough the video/voice chat was a bit flakey last time i used it.

    With regards to talk talk - ive just (4 months ago) signed up for an orange dolphin contract - i did it cos i was puttin £40 a month on anyways - so thought id go for contract.

    Now my gf is going to spain im never gonna use 600 minutes and 3000 texts! so id love for orange to change something that breaches thier contract so i could get out early and go back to payg! or sign up for a much cheaper contract which allows me to call her in spain.

    I'm sure we will get by easy, its just I want her to feel as though im making a go of it, by researching ways of us keeping in touch its an easy way to keep her happy :thumbsup:

    Will you both have access to a landline?

    You can make unlimited European calls up to an hour long from BT for £5/month.

    Have you looked at [url][/url]

    Original Poster

    i'll only have access to a mobile - just one of the downsides of living away from home :oops:

    i'm looking into a few sites people have mentioned - all similiar to jahjah
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