WTD. American Style Fridge Freezer with water and Ice dispenser

Found 29th Apr 2008
As title states an American Style Fridge freezer open to all makes and models and colours, Needs to have ice and water dispenser.


I have a samsung, although there was some negative things in the paper recently mine is amazing, had for 4 years never a problem, it is the one that you are plumbed into the normal water supply and have ice on call and ice cold filtered water on call, although I have never actually changed my filter. Bought mine for approx £699 I think I saw them recently for around the same price but there have been vouchers on her for Comet and Currys and if you can go through Quidco. Bought mine at Comet and as I said I have never had a days problem with it for 4 yrs.

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Hi octobergirl, thanks for your reply. What model is the one that you have. I recently seen a samsung one for sale in the papers for £499 but I was put off by the fact that it was a RS21, and the reviews that followed it.
My brother bought an LG one again plummed for water, but he has stated that his frozen food has a very strange taste after cooking, and has recently had it replaced. Id like to know if there is a make/model without problems...

Have a look on the comet-clearance website. Got some decent goods on there! I picked up a fridge freezer there about 5 months ago, for £140 (+Del), when it was for sale in their shops for £330. These are returned goods, but all that was wrong with mine was a den the size of a 50 pence peice on the bottom left hand side, which isn't even noticeable!

Being a company like Coemt too, you know you can trust their service, and they come wih warantees etc!

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Thanks for the advice m18gfc
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