WTD: Blackberry Curve BOX Only

    Need a Blackberry Curve Box. Not phone, but just box

    Any help would be great.


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    bump! forget to say, will cover postage + £3

    Which model are you after, I'm pretty sure I have a box for an 8900 Curve somewhere around

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    thats the one I think mate... if you can check and I'll let you no tomorrow about 9am!

    No problem, I'll have a look later on, I'm sure I still have 1

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    any luck matey!



    any luck matey!

    I threw mine away about a week ago.

    I will ask my friend later if she still has her box.

    Would your local mobile phone shop not have one spare?

    Sorry, didn't get time to look last nigth, I'm finishing at 3pm today so will have a look when i get home

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    cosmic? any luck? really need this ASAP!

    Which particular Curve Model, and what network ?

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    8900 please if you have one mate - needs to be in reasonable/excllnt condition as it for a gift.

    network dont matter tbh, but I think its on 02
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    all sorted! thanks everyone

    Sorry, don't have a Curve box for the newer 3G version of the Curve.
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