WTD: Blair Drummond Safari Park Deals....

Found 3rd Aug 2008
Friend recommended this Safari Park yesterday, jut wondering if anyone has been, and/or if there are any deals knocking about for this...

2 for 1, or free child entry will be great.

Cheers in Advance HUKDer's ;-)
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Last weeks evening times had free child place in a promo book, there are still some out there if you google.
Blair Drummond's Website has always had a FREE Child Entry Voucher for ages now ! :thumbsup:

Here you go :


A Quick Tip if you don't want a long walk back to your car :

The Park is in 2 parts.........

when you drive in ....Park at the 1st big car park you come to ...Do Not drive past the BIG wooden castle (3 stories high ...can't miss it)

Behind the BIG wooden castle is a longish walk to the 2nd part of the Park ....don't walk up there or you'll end up doubling back to go and get your car (nightmare if you have tired kids)

...........go back and get your car and drive it to the 2nd smaller car park.....just look for the giraffes and elephants !
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