WTD Blu Ray Player thats Multiregion or capable

WTD Blu Ray Player thats Multiregion or capable

yep looking for the above - anyone have any ideas? or know any multiregion codes for any blu-ray players?

Many Thanks


I thought Bluray was region free

Evil Twin;1376875

I thought Bluray was region free

No that's HD DVD that's region free. Not sure if any manufactures are making region free Blu Ray players.


browsing thru the site and saw someone was looking for a blue-ray (blu-ray) dvd player that will play all regions (usa: region A, uk: region B) and I recently bought a SAMSUNG BD-P1000 in Curry's Digital on Princess Street, Edinburgh.

It was on sale under the managers special offer as there was no original box for the player and there was a small suoerficial crack on the side of the right hand edge near the front that was cosmetic and I got 50.00 pounds off the original price was 249.99 pounds and got for 199.99.

Not only did I buy this particular blue-ray player for the cheaper price but also because I saw there was a free region hack for the machine on amazon.com and you were able to reset the region coding see this webpage for details : copy + paste = amazon.co.uk/gp/…B2C though the actual code I had to enter was 57538 and not the 38767 which was posted under r2.

I had switch the player to number 9 to make it multi-region for SD-DVD discs but when I played the simpsons movie blue-ray region b there was some problems with the disc pausing + going a little blocky + speckly but when I received the usa blue-ray region a dvd's from [url]www.dvdworldusa.com[/url] I changed the region to region 1 and had no problems playing the disc, so I am going to keep switching the regions to whatever country the disc's are from and should have no problems in playback.

I hope you have found this helpful as I have to browse several sites to cleam the region hack and other info plus came across some comments about the player not working properly after changing the region but I suppose this is due to changing the player to region 9 and leaving it multi-region and not changing the region to suit the dvd disc region area.

Samsung BD-P1000 can be region hacked using the hack from amazon.co.uk but will need to change the r2 numbers 38767 to 57538 as this is what worked for me.

Also will recommend changing the region to suit the dvd disc as read some comments stating they have some problems watching blue-ray disc's after using hack, I had some problems using the Simpsons movie from uk (region B) but before I played the usa blue-ray disc's I bought from [url]www.dvdworldusa.com[/url] I changed the region to region 1 instead of leaving on number 9 for multi region. Found 9 works well for SD-DVD's (normal dvd disc's) but not for HD dvd's (blue-ray/blu-ray).

If you have a hd dvd player this is region free for all HD-DVD disc's but not region free for SD-DVD disc's (meaning normal dvd's) and you normal dvd collection will be subject the the region coding off the country the player was bought in.

For example if bought machine in the uk then it will play normal region 2 pal dis'c only but all HD-DVD disc's from all over, and if bought in the usa then will play only region 1 ntsc coded disc's . Did see somewhere that if you buy dvd player in the usa then it will play only region 1 ntsc disc's only as will not be pal compatible and if you buy uk dvd player then it will be pal/ntsc and will be able to play both when hacked.

No region free players (or even capable) for Blu-ray, all are locked.

Samsung BD-P1000 blue-ray dvd player has region hack on amazon.co.uk and all you have to do is follow the instructions and instead of putting in 38767 which is under r2 enter 57538 (found on other forum) and then you can change the region of the player, my player is uk bought so no problems but would recommend changing region to suit the blue-ray disc region coding ; usa: region A / uk: region B so for uk disc region 2 and usa disc region 1. I found some problems with playback when I set the player to region 9 for multi-region as it worked well with normal dvd disc's but fear it is interferring with the high def disc's.

Hello everyone

I have recently came across some Sony blu-ray region A disc's that won't play on my blu-ray player even when hacked to region 1, though some others like The Terminator blu-ray plays on it and this is region A. It looks like Sony has embedded software that see's thru the samsung hack.


John Paul
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