WTD: Bop It Extreme

    Hi, does anyone know where the best place to get the Bop It Extreme from at a good price? I had no idea how expensive they are!

    Many thanks!



    i may have one if i have a dig about or u wanting it new ?


    i may have one if i have a dig about or u wanting it new ?

    mine is bop it extreme 2 i found it

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    Oooh, do you have the box at all? How much are you looking for?

    nope aint got no box could do it for 15 quid delivered ?

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    It's for a gift, I will see if anyone I know has a box and will get back to you. Thanks!

    ok cheers

    let me no asap i can post in the morning with the rest of the stuff i need to post

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    I won't know by then sorry, have to ask around.

    okk just drop me message

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    Hi Vicky, I will have to pass on your Bop It. I can't find a box! Thank you very much. X.
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