WTD: Cheap flash drive over 1gb

    not looking to spend much but i am looking for a cheap 1GB (or more) flash drive
    for under a tenner if possible including delivery



    Kingston DataTraveler - USB flash drive - 1 GB - Hi-Speed USB - Gray £4.98 including delivery…htm


    Kingston DataTraveler - USB flash drive - 2 GB - Hi-Speed USB - Lime Green £7.98 INCLUDING DELIVERY…htm

    Go to play:…tml
    2gb for £7.99, it's sandisk and has very good review too.

    Why not get one of those SD carder readers from Poundland ,and use a cheap SD card .That 's what I use now .They look just like a flash/pen drive , they are in different colours ,they are capped at both ends , you simply remove one end to plug in the Pc [USB ]and the other houses your SD card . You can use different SD cards for different things ,ie.mp3's ,docs etc .

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    thanks everyone that was a QUICK response!!!

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    how do i give you reps or a thanks?


    how do i give you reps or a thanks?

    Click on the little white scales next to the users profile picture
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