WTD: cheap xbox 360 with HDMI.......

    Im after an xbox 360 with hdmi. I currently own an xbox 360 core with a memory card and a HDD, which im using by VGA at 1080p to my samsung screen. However i want to pass it through my amplifier which obviously doesnt support VGA. So i need to get a more recent xbox 360 pro/ arcade/ elite. I tried that pc world price match thing with gamestation and i was just about to pay when i said isnt there meant to be a 10% price difference also. He went and checked with the manager who then rung gamestation and cancelled the price match altogether ( since gamestation were out of stock! ) so my greedyness buggered me over....

    Anyway im after a deal similar to the gamestation one, if it gives me a few free games i dont have i dont mind paying a bit extra. Or even if someone knows when the gamestation 360 arcade deal is coming back in stock?

    So basically anyone know any good deals on xbox 360s with hdmi sockets?

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