wtd childs wooden training bike 3-5

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Found 25th Jun 2008
hi need your help again guys im after one of them kids wooden training bikes the ones normally 12" with no pedals or stabilisers seen kids on them in the park and wanted to get one for my son but dont know where they do them what shops checked on ebay but would like to go buy from shop any ideas for me?!?!?


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http://www.elc.co.uk/toy-34605 this is in the early learning centrethis … http://www.elc.co.uk/toy-34605 this is in the early learning centrethis looks really cool on tesco http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.203-2960.aspx and its reduced to £22.47

second one is what im after and looks really cool too ty think ill purchase that one thanks again!!! knew i could rely on you guys

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There is also this Hudora … There is also this Hudora Joey.http://www.myfirstbike.co.uk/bike_hudora_joey.htmAnd this one, but it's a bit more moneyhttp://www.thelittlebikecompany.co.uk/details.php?wooden-bike=1&aid=&s=&np=&rtn=indexI've seen these and they look the biz! Hope you find one you like, they do a metal version on here to

couldnt see price on first one?? and second one is bit too much for me he has a bike but its a bit big for him so wanted a second bike thanks for all the help anyway just purchased one in first thread yay knew hduk guys would find me one!!
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