WTD: Combined HDD Recorder with twin tuners & upscaling DVD player (HDMI)

    Does such a contraption exist?

    If so any particular makes/models that are known to be reliable?

    Ideally I'm looking for something reasonably small, reliable, quiet and of course as cheap as poss!!!

    Any ideas? Ta very much in advance


    I was looking for one before Christmas and I couldn't find one. I read on a thread somewhere that's there's no demand !!!

    A few review sites seem to think there maybe some later in the year...

    Original Poster

    No demand for a shiny television-related gadget?!?! What's the world coming to!

    Looks like you're right tho - would have to fork out £150+ for something like ]this

    It's only got a single tuner and feel like I'm wasting money on it having a DVD recorder which I'd never use

    Ah well - better get saving!

    You might wish to post your query on a more specialised site.

    I always find AVForums is an excellent source of advice from techie geeks - bless them! :-D
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