WTD- digital camera £150-£200

    Hi folks i'm after a new digital camera looking to spend between £150 and £200 i'm after it for holidays and concerts etc nothing serious but would like a large viewing screen and a good zoom and battery life any tips or recommendations i would be grateful.....

    Many Thanks Paul x


    Hi, I've just bought one of the canon ixus range and am absolutely delighted with it. Mine was £299 but my husbands parents have just bought cheaper one in the range and this is also excellent.
    Also look at currys. They have Nikon Coolpix for half price at £99

    Good Luck

    based on your preference, alternatives i would suggest:

    1. Panasonic DMC-TZ5 ( the best long zoom 10x optical zoom) price around 170-200…=Go

    2. Ricoh caplio R6 or R7 (10 x optical zoom) best price is 126 at clifton camera…=Go

    3. Kodak easyshare V610 (10 x optical zoom, no long lenses 3" lcd screen)
    unfortunately the only available is refurbished ones at kodak store…=Go

    those are best pocket size long zoom cameras.
    They wont be appealing to you if you like thin and light cameras which i would suggest the Canon ixus ranges…g=p

    they will give you 3-5 optical zoom

    or you can get in between with Casio Exilim EX-V8 which will give you 7x optical zoom with very thin and light camera (around 120 at ebay, 140 at elite gadgets):…=Go

    I have the sony cybershot DCS T50. It is absolutely amazing, and in the year I have had it, 4 people have used it and bought one the same. It's arounf the £150 mark, it's small but with a 3 inch lcd touch screen , 7 megapixels, fantstic photos, easy to out in handbag/pocket, you can 'paint' onto the photos, very good zoom and loads of other fancy things like image stabilization. The newer version, the T70 (£170ish) has great reviews too, with smile recognition (!), face recognition and if you're looking for a little digital camera that will take fantastic photos and has all the latest gadget bits on it, as well as a massve 3 inch screen which is tuch screen, and looks great, look at the Sony cybershot T50 and T70.
    Oh, amazing battery life too, goes on and on and on. More than my 1gb memory sick could handle, hundreds of photos.

    Original Poster

    thanks guys anyboby else known of any more?

    I'll have to agree with nuabdi and the Panasonic TZ5. I bought one from ebay a few weeks ago for £160 (inc. shipping). Have been very impressed with the camera so far.

    Have a browse around ]THIS SITE for consumer and professional reviews.

    Panasonic TZ5 gets my vote too.

    The Panasonic TZ5 can also be used as an HD video recorder ... get's my vote
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