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Found 31st May 2007

Can I have some advice?

I would like to take the family (2 adults + 2 children) in the last week of August. I would like to go for 3 days & 2 nights,and stay at a cheap, on-site hotel (Think Santa Fe or Cheyenne). I would like the simplest option, ie pay one price, and get travel, accommodation, and entry included.

I have two quotes, which cover all that I am looking for.

1 - EuroStar @ £511 (direct from EuroStar website)
2 - Air France @ £871 (direct from Disneyland website)

What I would like are your comments on how good/bad these deals are. The cheap price will mean more travel time.

If you have been there before, how did you go? What did you pay? Do you regret going by plane/train/car? Who did you book the trip woth? Did you book everything from one place, or book all the parts individually? Is it better to buy all-inclusive or not? Any and all advice is welcome.

Thanks in advance. Sorry for all the questions, but this is the families first trip abroad!

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i'm after the same! any comments much appreciated. thankyou
try the £100 off vouchers for travel agents
do you know anyone who works for virgin they get cheap entry
Hi Hana21

£100 off vouchers sound good - where would i get them from?

:thumbsup: try ringing a few different travel agents, get quotes then call them back saying "blah blah" quoted me £xx and they will see if they can do any better....they usually manage to knock something off.....they can also upgrade you from the cheaper Santa Fe hotal to the better Cheyenne free...

At the moment under 7s are free at Eurodisney including when you are going....we are going 1st week September (just as kids go back to school) worked out less that way? :-D .....
We have 7 kids and have booked a package deal via Iglu travel agents for £1000!! :w00t: Only 2 under 7.....

Travel is better via Eurostar....less travel time and it takes you right into Eurodisney itself so more time to spend at park. You take a laid on bus direct to your hotel (each bus is for one hotel ) then back to the park again once you check in !!! We flew once and it was a nightmare !!!:x Beware oftaxi touts outside the airport if you do fly....
Hope that helps??
Have fun:p
Try these guys I always find good prices with them.

Thanks guys, that really helps. I think we'll go by train. I will see what the high street travel agents offer, and give a few online places a call too. I'll let you know how i get on, in case anyone is interested...
Yep, I'd be interested hope it goes well and let us know what deal you managed to get
When you do get to Disneyland Paris, be warned it's VERY expensive to eat in the cafes, restaurants, hotels etc. VERY expensive!

If you do stop in a Disney hotel, make sure you smuggle out plenty from the breakfast buffet, and don't even consider having an alcoholic drink on a night unless your numbers have just come up on the lottery!
:whistling: agree Hizz.....we found it expensive to eat in the Parks....you can be brave and take the train one stop to Val d'europe (costs 1 euro approx) theres a large shopping complex there with a McDonalds and a rather smelly(lidl smell yuk!!!) supermarket but, you can buy goodies there reasonably....kids always happy to eat "munch" and its cheap too!! Ideal for buying cartons of drinks, crisps etc etc.....;-)
Of course, you can always smuggle out the buffet breakfast!!!!:thumbsup:
book hotel with disneyland paris... and book cheap flight with easy jet or someone like that.... save a fortune

as for leger..... (DONT GO ON THE COACH..... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.....)
Yeah expensive but worth it if it's only 2 or 3 days :thumbsup:
:-( easyjet are cheap but, we had to fly from Luton because they dont do Gatwick or Heathrow so it added loads of extra time onto the journey
Also, you get the coach from the airport which takes you there (laid on by Disney) however, it can take up to 2+ hours to get you to your hotel??
Thanks for tha nik2xtreme

Has anyone travelled to DisneyLand Paris by EuroStar with two young children? How did you find it? I'm thinking the convienince (sp?) is worth the extra cost.
:thumbsup: no probs
we are doing Eurostar this Sept purely because its direct into the heart of Disney....having done it before we now know what to and what not to do !! Not easy 7 kids 2 adults but hey.....up for the challenge again !!
Oh, the bar might be a tad expensive but, its open till 1am so if you want peace time its great....the kids arcade(right beside the bar) is also open until 11 or 12 so kids are safe there while you relax ! Mind you, you need Euros to convert into tokens for that so......:thinking: :pirate:
Another point you have just reminded me of - what about converting Sterling to Euro? Has anyone got any good places to use? Or will DLP accept Sterling?
:roll: you would need to get Euros .....we went to the Post Office for ours....no commission and they buy back also....;-)
Once in the park you only have to pay for food, drink and souveniers(they are pretty expensive :? )
Another thing to remember, no matter what method of transport you choose, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get to the departure point. You have to go through Passport control no matter if you fly or go via Eurostar. Think ahead that there could be delays just to ensure you dont get stranded !!:-D
very good thread! i've to take my daughter this summer. i've to take visa
Make sure you book buffalo bills wild west show......(its essential....) yeeeee ahhhhhh
great post OP, thanks to all that have contributed thus far, very informative and has helped a lot.
Seen an advert about 10 minutes ago for disneyland paris saying that all kids under 7 can stay and play for free at the resort

book hotel with disneyland paris... and book cheap flight with easy jet … book hotel with disneyland paris... and book cheap flight with easy jet or someone like that.... save a fortuneas for leger..... (DONT GO ON THE COACH..... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.....)

I'll echo that sentiment, I have been on the coach before - yes it's cheap but never ever ever ever again!

If you do decide to fly, it costs about £15 each to get on the coach outside the airport to the Disney hotels - and that's just one way.

You can haggle with the taxi drivers and get a family of 4 there marginally more expensive.

The train station is quite a walk from Orly airport.

The best piece of advice that I would give anyone going to Disneyland Paris, is rather than take all of your breakfasts in the Disney resort hotels, when you book your break, book a couple of breakfasts within the park- no extra charge. Basically, you get into the park a good hour before everyone else and because of where the food halls are located - towards the far end of the park, you can eat and then get on rides without any waiting at all - whereas if you eat in the hotel then get to the rides, you will be waiting.
Hizz - thanks for that tip, it sounds like great advice.

Does anyone know what the park's opening hours will be in August? What time will the first rides open, and when will the last ride be? Most of the theme parks on the UK close about an hour before sunset.
Also, I would be interested to know what quotes others have had so far, or what others have been offered last year. Don't worry about which hotel or how you travelled, it'll all help!


Opening times and calender:-

-I recommend the Character Breakfasts...so much fun and plenty of photos to be taken. If you take it in the park as early as possible you get first chance to get to the rides.

-Have you tried calling Disneyland paris direct to book? as the last couple of times they have offered me a discount on something.

-This site is quite good for information:-

-I didnt think the food was overly expensive unless you went to Rainforest cafe or a table service restaurant.
We did eat well at the breakfasts and tended to have a snacky lunch...if your driving there put a few crisps and drinks in the car to keep you going in and around the park.
We found that a few of the restaurants do "eat as much as you like" which didnt work out too bad for the money.

-The park has plenty of drinking water fountains so take advantage of these.

-Also another good tip...use the "Baby switch" ride option if you have smaller children so you dont have to queue twice for a ride...one person can queue and the other stay with the kids...then when the other person finished on the ride you can swop over at the exit...saves a bit of time thats for sure...:thumbsup:

-I also found on my last 2 trips that the park was a little quieter after 3pm...as some people were leaving...if the rides are too busy try again then...

-The stunt show is excellent entertainment too...great for those tired feet and kids for a 30 min chill out....or sleep lol

-If your looking for gifts...check out all the stores first...as different shops have different items...some even have sales on...I dont think the prices are much different to the Disney Stores in UK.

-Check out what parades and shows you want to watch and plan your journey around the park to co-incide...as theres nothing worse than trying to get to the other side of the park with kids when your in a hurry...

Have Fun....its great!!...(can I come??):whistling:

i;m going for a quick weekend in two weeks, we did eutostar seperate and booked hotel and tickets with disney,

theres 4 adults and 2 kids and it worked out £141 each staying in the adventure hotel thats not techincally disney but is, it still has the free coach to the park.

that included DIRECT eurostar too, not bad as it times with the opening of two new rides and late opening hours
We went by ryan air ... pretty cheap flights to Beauvais (about 1.5 hr drive from Disney). We also bought tickets via 123tickets.com/ . Cheaper than disney direct. Park empties when the parades are on so ideal time to get on non fast pass rides.

Have been been DP twice with the family (2 adults 2 Kids). Once on a coach (trip from work) and once by Eurostar. Have stayed in hotels called Sante Fe and Newport Bay Club. Last time I visited was a couple of years ago and may have changed since then.

I would agree with most of what has been said about price - we found it difficult to find anyting decent to eat inside the parks. I would advise taking snacks such as crips, fruit and drinks. Not only is price a problem but you have to queue for everything.

We found Sante Fe really grotty and breakfast was a problem - had to queue for ages. We also had to change rooms because of a problem with cleansliness. Newport Bay on the other hand was a really nice place to stay (we got a free upgrade) - it also had a swimming pool which we used on both nights we stayed there.

Main recommendations - have the character breakfasts (as suggest by a previous poster) you will get plenty of opportunity to take photos with the characters for free. Plan to see as many of the shows in the parks as poss - I remember Tarzan was really good. Also if you have kids of different ages then you may find it they want to go on different rides so watching the shows is something that the whole family can do. Watch Honey I shrunk the audience.

Finally, if you can get hold of a map of the parks - these are available free from each of the hotels at - you will be able to plan in advance.

many thanks for your advice, especially as I was planning on staying at the Santa Fe hotel! has anyone been there recently - how was it? I am not expecting great things, after all, I will only be using the hotel to sleep and keep my luggage! I plan to spend as much time as possible in the parks.

How far is the Newport Bay Club from DP?

Newport bay is next to disney village.... probably just a few min. walk...

The santa fe - is the furthest away from the parks and you will need to probably catch the free disney shuttle bus - you can walk - but it is a bit further.....

As for the accomadation - its clean and pleasant.... and the mexican type feel is great.... if your wanting somehting cheap - its not a bad hotel to stay.....

I have stayed in:

Sante Fe
Sequoi Lodge
New York
Disneyland Hotel

If your wanting cheap but in a great location - go for teh seqoi lodge (not sure how to spell)

The disneyland hotel - is a class apart - just with the location on the park entrance.... but I cannot fault any of the hotels... All depends on your budget..... The more you spend the slighlt better they are.... the thing you will probably notics is the breakfast though - the queues at all hotels - can sometimes be quite long - so make sure your up nice and early...
After all that - your making me want to go now..... (Saving up for the big one though... Going back to Florida again in Jan) (Though I did like Disneyland in los angeles....... that was fantastic too.... - but not on same scale as florida...)
I cannot stress enough - book the wild west show.....

I stayed in the Santa Fe at the end of March, Room was fine for the money, Foods not bad but very hectic at meal times, its just like a big canteen format so expect queues, people pushing,a wait to get in and a wait to find a table. Overall tho choice is ok and you can keep going back for more.

Regards to getting to the park you CAN wait for the shuttle, but we stayed in the far left-back building and found it easier to walk, its not far at all to the back of Disney Village. It's about the same distance as walking back to reception to wait for a coach!
Another tip......

The steak house in the disney village........

(Its not the cheapest restaurants to eat - but it very nice and worth paying the odd extra couple of euros for.....)
I loved (when its open) Buzz Lightyears Pizza Planet! Its only about £5 a set meal and you can get a burger where the top part of the bun is a pizza! and the whole toy story theme is good.

If you're drinking... the cocktails in Planet Hollywood are lethal, think they were reasonably priced too, 2 or 3 will knock you out especially after a couple of beers
This is all great advice.

My kids wake up about 5.30am :w00t:, so I don't think the kines at the restaurants will be a problem!

Hopefully, after this trip to EuroDisney, Florida will be next...


I finally managed to visit a high street travel agents, and gave them all the details of my trip. The first offer was for under £1000. After telling them that I was looking to spend about £500, the best offer they could come up with was £765.

There was no attempt at trying to negotiate, or to try and offer me a better hotel - it was simply a case of "that's our price, if you don't want it, you know where the door is".

I have booked my trip via EuroStar, for about £560. 3days, 2nights; 2* hotel on-site; travel and tickets to the parks included. EuroStar seem to accept e-vouchers, but I couldn't find any.

Thanks for everyone's help and comments.
I realise this doesn't match the OPs request of doing it as a package - but if you are prepared to put in a little bit of direct booking you can do Disney really cheaply.

You can get to Disneyland by Eurostar or Ferry using Tesco deals.

This year a return trip on P&O to Calais in the middle of August was £95 in tesco deals so lest than £25 in vouchers.

There are loads of hotels just outside Disney which are much cheaper than the Disney hotels. Some have themed rooms so that the kids still get a special hotel factor experience. 2 nights in August in a hotel for 4 of us is working out around £100.

If you buy an annual pass and are sponsored by a current annual pass holder you save 10% on the pass. Depending on when you want to go there are three types of passes - the most cost effective is the Fantasy pass which is only barred on holidays like Xmas, New Year and Easter works out cheaper than a 3-day park hopper and it entitles you to 10% off all your food and drink at Disney and in Disney Village, you get 15% off the Buffalo bill show and you get free parking (worth 8 Euros a day). On one of your days in the park you also get 20% off everything. So all in all a really good deal.

After a month of owning your pass you can sponsor other people - if you sponsor 3 you can get an extra years extension added to your pass so you get two years for the price of one!

If anyone wants any more details of annual pass sponsorship and how it works you can contact me. I can sponsor 3 people as long as they are travelling before September.

Suffice to say that this year we are going to Disney in October - we collected Sun vouchers so are staying in a caravan for 3 nights for £38, the ferry will be paid for with Tesco vouchers and we will self-cater for evening meals and breakfast. We already have our annual passes from last year so our only costs are petrol, drinks and snacks! Reckon we'll be doing 4 days at Disney for 2 adults and 2 children for well under £300 all in!

how do u get tesco vouchers?!
Would i be paying just as much for me and my daughter to go thean if my partner and 1 yea old son goes too ?? any info would be great i dont drive would love to fly but cheaper by eurostar? she is 8 and looking to take her soon as really (well once i got my paassport)
Been looking to book DLP for Feb 08 and was wondering if anyone has booked the half board (meal voucher option).

Is it good value for money?

Are you restricted to what you eat at the selected restaurants or is it the same menu as everyone else.

Do they have a special menu for just people on the half board option?

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