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Found 18th Apr 2009
looking to add tv to my PC

it must have an external ariel

i've heard alot of them are not very good!! can anyone recommend me a good one?

  1. Ask
  2. USB
  3. Ariel

You don't need one !!!

Use ZATTOO ... works a treat !!! :thumbsup:


If you want the Scottish, Irish & Welsh channels ...just add them under 'View', 'Manage Channels'...'Optional Channels' ....Create a group folder (plus sign at bottom) then add then drag the channels onto ur 'Group' folder....

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cool!! cheers for that!!

and the iplayer + 'watch live' for rock steady Bbc streaming; e.g. bbc.co.uk/ipl…on/

You don't use a USB aerial, the bit that plugs into the TV is the receiver/decoder bit and the aerial plugs into that. Most of them either use a standard aerial plug or have an adapter for a standard aerial plug so any portable aerial will do.

TV streaming over the internet can be rather bandwidth intensive so make sure you don't go over the limits on your broadband package - a USB TV tuner won't have any limitations for use.

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is there another program like ZATTOO but with the freeview channels as well?
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