WTD - Electric Sander Advise please

    I know this isn't a diy forum.

    But looking for a good cheap Electric sander to do the outside window frames with this weekend.
    Probably a mouse.

    Any tips on good deals?



    The are some diy'ers on here and one of the mods is a bit of a "tooltime" expert....

    is the sander to remove the old paint?

    I've used a couple of small mouse type sanders but even with coarse sheets didn't find they removed paint that well. Maybe it was the cheap ones I used but I found they vibrated rather than sanded....

    Screwfix [url][/url] do some but more importantly pay attention to the cost of the sanding sheets (you can pick up from their trade counters). Boyes [url][/url] (if you have one) sometimes do cheap ones as well.

    Original Poster

    Yep it's to remove paint.
    I want to sand down the window frames and re paint them, as who ever had the house before me neglected them and I want them to last for a while more.

    So remove old paint, give them a smoother finish, before I paint on and undercoat and white gloss over coat.

    Though with all things i'm not an expert so whilst not wanting to be getting the most expensive, I do want one that is good..


    I'm not sure the vibration will not damage or crack your glass. The same with a heat gun paint remover.

    Srcrewfix do a paint remover liquid, that you just brush on...leave a bit...and scrap off. A lot more cheaper and will take half the time.…ing

    Got to be 18 yrs old though!!

    I wouldn't bother with sander - either use a chemical stripper or heat gun to get the paint off.

    My tactic with peeling windows is to scrape off loose paint with scraper/wire brush. Sand the paint edge lightly to smooth the transition from paint to bare wood using a sanding block. Lightly sand the sound paintwork with sanding block (just to score/key the surface). Paint with primer - then paint with gloss.

    At the end of the day its external paintwork which will soon get dirty and hide any bits that aren't perfect.....

    Save the perfectionism for inside the house.

    Don't get one of these - its rubbish…331
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