WTD: FREE 3D Glasses for TV

    I noticed some channels are broadcasting TV program in 3D. That's right it is technically in 3D. But I don't know how good they will look with 3D glasses. With naked eyes, the pictures look blurry and color looks washed out.

    So the question is

    Where do I get the 3D glass to watch 3D programs on freeview channels.



    Sainsburies are giving them away at their stores..

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    really? I have been to my local Sainsbury recently. No sign of 3D glasses plus it will look a bit odd to ask the staff about where the free 3D glasses are.

    It was posted here in freebies a couple of weeks ago -…ch-

    I got some at my local Sainsburys and they were just in a big cardboard tub by the main doors... ask at customer enquiries, they will know (though they may have all gone now):)

    well we were trying to watch a film on tv in 3d the other day but all we can see is yellow outlines on everything, we tried 3 diff pairs of glasses.

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    Thx. I will have a another look in Sainsbury. If they don't have it then, there is no way I can watch 3D film on freeview channels?
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