WTD - Fridge Freezer

    Have run out of room with a small fridge.

    Looking for a fridge freezer (average size)
    Been to Curry's etc. they all look the same.

    So after some advice and links to good deals


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    "Imagine a fridge freezer that could automatically modify its power consumption at peak times, resulting in a reduction in carbon emissions. Well, the great news is that this technology exists and we'll be the first to introduce it to homes in Britain. It's called Dynamic Demand and we're working with leading technological innovators RLTec and industry giant Indesit to get it to market.

    The science bit! Dynamic Demand is a set of algorithms that when programmed into fridges, allows the appliances to automatically modify their power consumption in response to second-by-second changes in the balance between supply and demand on the national grid - all without affecting the fridge’s performance (your food won't go off!). This means that the amount of carbon emitting generating capacity used to maintain that balance can be dramatically reduced. If widely used in the UK, the technology could save 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

    But does it work? Controlled environment testing has already taken place and early indications are very positive, but we must make sure that the technology works when the appliance is used within a standard residential property. So, we'll be running trials in around 3,000 homes from the end of this year until March 2011 to assess its effectiveness and determine the actual CO2 savings. This will then give us an official carbon saving score which means we'd be able to roll more of these fridge freezers out under CERT - our Carbon Emissions Reduction Target.

    So what may the future hold? Is the hope that these clever appliances become standard white goods available to everyone and where does npower benefit? Well, initially, we'll be at the forefront of trialling this new and exciting technology. There could be the potential for us to roll this technology out in other appliances in the future, providing us with mass-scale carbon savings which we could claim under CERT. The fact that the fridge freezers possess two-way communications technology could also open up possibilities such as sending people a message if they've left the fridge door open (it can tell!) so watch out for more developments as the dynamic demand journey commences ..."

    These fridges look interesting, i work for npower who are trialling them but apparently you need an ethernet port near where you keep the fridge which rules me out otherwise i could have trialled one.
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