WTD: Gaming PC Base Unit with no TFT screen £500ish

    I'm not up to speed on the current PC specs, I'm after a new base unit for general tasks but mainly for gaming. Any recommendations would be appreceiated.

    Minimum spec:
    Quad Core processor
    500gb hard disk
    4gb ram
    HD graphics
    7.1 Audio
    DVI/HDMI output
    DVD writer (Blu-ray player would be even better!)
    Vista OS
    (all the other bits & bobs you get as standard)

    Find me a good bargain people?!


    You'll be lucky to get a good graphics card and a quad-core for £500, you may be better off going for a dual-core at that sort of price, you might lose some performance in the future but you'd get similar performance right now and it'd allow you a better graphics card giving better overall performance.

    7.1 Audio, DVD-writer and DVI output are all standard these days. 4GB and 500GB won't be hard to find either.

    Hey, it all depends on budget. And if you can build it yourself / help from a friend or just buy a pre built system. Obviously by building it yourself you cut out the middle man and get the best possible price. There are however a few sites that let you decide what hardware you want and they build it and test it for a charge. So....which way do you want to go? That way i could point you in a fairly good direction.

    Ill take budget at £500-£550

    Original Poster

    Nope not building it myself. £500 is really the budget limit, may be tempted to go slightly over for the likes of bluray.
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