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    Over the last 6 months I've been looking to join a gym and was watching the health insurance threads to see if these deals of very cheap membership do work. Just checked out pru-health and it looks like the cheap gym deals are now off as of 1st November with dicsounts only avaliable in the second year to any reasonable extent.

    Are there any other health insurance deals to allow cheap priced gym membership?

    Or is there any other gym membership around for prices in total of circa 30 quid downwards. The only ones I know are the local council run gyms.

    I live in Leeds if this is of any help.

    Thanks in advance,

    ps. If this is posted in the wrong area, apologies.


    There are several cheap Gym chains popping up - [url][/url] and JJB also has one. I'm sure if Leeds hasn't got one yet it will have soon. I am a fitspace member and really appreciate the lack of faff for my £16 a month. It used to be a fitness first in Lincoln and has retained all of the equipment etc and is almost half the price!

    If you have a university near you, ask them. When I was in London, I found a dead cheap one.
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