WTD Home cinema system with 4 tall speakers

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Found 26th Dec 2007
Must be at least 500w and play divx.
Anyone know of any good deals around please?


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Am looking to hook up a plasma screen, ps3 and virgin v+ box without any fuss.
Anyadvice much appreciated

Don't know any deals as such but i know curry's and comet do that sort of setup.

I recently bought a setup from ebay for £30.00. It has sony amp and speakers with a jvc dvd player. Bought stands and QED wiring brand new so all in all the whole shebang cost around £100. Not bad for a system that would have cost £500 without the wiring and stands when new.

HAVE A LOOK ON EBAY theres loads:thumbsup:

Samsung HT-TX35.

Should be around £240 ish

try having a look on pixmania


I recently got some cracking pioneer tallboy speakers from there......too many to list so have a browse

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Thank you for the reply's.
The samsung one looks good.
Don't want to go down the seperates route.
Any more suggestions?
Am i right in saying that it must have optical in to connect a ps3?

yes or hdmi passthrough:thumbsup:


Am i right in saying that it must have optical in to connect a ps3?

Yes if you want Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

Only drawback with the Samsung is it only has 1 Optical Input but I have a little manual switch that I got for a few quid off ebay that I can switch over to the TV (little point as no DD) or the PS3. My main use is Sky HD & DVD's.

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Thanks again for the reply's.
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