WTD: Info on staying in Amsterdam around March Time

    What can anyone tell me?

    My girlfriend and I are hoping to go around marh time for a few days...

    Best/Cheapest places to stay?
    Good places to go
    Good ways to fly

    etc etc.

    All much appreciated!


    I've been twice and both times we flew with BMI Baby and stayed in the Botel.

    Botel -

    Banana bar!

    We stayed in the Flying Pig Downtown and it definitely gets my vote!

    Best of luck :thumbsup:

    Whats your budget?

    Original Poster

    My budget is about £350

    I worked out on the Botel inc the flights, it comes to £250.75.

    Anything any better?

    EDIT: Im thinking of going the night of Fri 21st March, coming back afternoon of Tuesday 25th march.


    My budget is about £350I worked out on the Botel inc the flights, it … My budget is about £350I worked out on the Botel inc the flights, it comes to £250.75.Anything any better?

    Well like someone else recommended go for the flying pig. Its cheap but watch your possesions carefully. Flights are next to nothing. What to do? Book a evening canal boat trip from outside train station gives you about 1 and a half hours romantic tour drinking white wine included in price think its about £20 each, and takes you round the district with the history of the area
    There is a whole street leading into the rld full of take away food and resteraunts there is a really nice one just round the corner just after finding a really nice smoking shop from the princ phillip hotel they do a lovely steak and chips washed down with ice cold beer. Other than that there is a floating chinese resteraunt never got there in the end myself but supposed to be really good and not overly expensive this you can find out through google

    The Botel is probably one of the more expensive places but I think its the best. You're not in the middle of the town so you get peace and quiet but its only a 5 min walk to the town.

    Also, all the staff are really friendly and its just a tiny walk from the train station so you wont need a taxi to get there!

    I've stayed on the botel and wouldn't say it was at all expensive! Right next to central station and a very easy walk into the red light district. It's very easy to get from the airport to central station on the train. Rooms are small but you're only going to use them for sleepin!?

    Be sure to take a boat trip and take a slow walk around the red light district in the evening. Not much going on around there in the day time. You simply have to check out all the sex shops too - a real giggle especially if you're going with your partner.

    Loads of good places to eat and drink. And great for shopping too.

    Enjoy!! We certainly did.

    £250 sounds quite good for a trip to the dam, a mate of mine payed £300 for a 3 day break there! a couple of weeks back

    Whats your details as in how many nights u staying there and what time is your flight scheduled?

    For a cheaper canal trip go to a bar called Boom Chicago on one of the main squares, its marked on the maps they have around the city. Put your name on the list for this boat trip

    Its non profit making and its more of a personal touch. Very friendly captains and you can drink and smoke on board. They tell you all about the secret parts of the city and some candid stories. You give a donation as you leave.

    Amsterdam Zoo is good and is 5 mins on a tram.

    Hire a bike for a couple of euros and have fun exploring the city.

    Anne Franks house is a good thing to see too. Kinda spooky!

    You wont be short of things to do and see. Its an amazing city and you will love it.

    Have fun. We are going in May.:-D
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