Wtd Ipod Nano 4gb Or 8 Gb Cheapest Please Help

Found 11th Dec 2007
i need to find a ipod nano for my sister xmas prezzies i reli need it for xmas this is all she has been tlkjing about and is dying for it.:santa: :thumbsup:
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anyone please
I have a brand new 4GB silver iPod for sale. It is unopened and comes with Boots till receipt. I bought it on Monday from Boots for £99.99 using the advantage points I've been accruing.

I'd be willing to sell it for £85, including special delivery for payment via paypal. I can also throw in a brand new white silicon skin and iPod fm transmitter, so you can listen to your iPod on any fm radio (useful for in-car).

Let me know if you're interested.

p.m.ing me would be the best best, since I always check 'em!

oh - and postage would be next day special delivery.
i am very intrested can u please send me a pic of the item ????
I'm at work, and the item is at home. However - here is a picture of the one I sold on this site just the last friday. The only difference is that I was selling iPod socks with instead of a silicon skin. I'll all out of iPod socks now. Although, I do have a solitary purple one, which you're welcome to have.

Okay, the picture is here:


I understand that this is not the actual item, but it is identical. I had £200+ on my Boots card and I'm clearing it to get cash for Christmas. iPods seem the easiest thing to shift that boots sells.

When I get home I'll issue pictures of the actual iPod.

Do a search for "iPod nano 4gb" on this site and you'll see my previous sale. The buyer should receive his item by 1pm today at the latest, since I sent it special delivery yesterday and I expect he'll post up whether he's happy with it or not!

Any other questions then let me know.
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any more offers any1 so far waiting on the kanester
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