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Found 6th Aug 2008
Hi, i've recently bought a refurb ipod touch from expansys which is going back because it's playing up already (only had it 21 hours).

Can anyone point me in the direction of the best place to buy a brand new ipod touch 16gb for a decent price. I've had a quick look on here and haven't yet found any vouchers or deals that would bring the price down on places such as amazon, dixons, comet etc....

any help, as always, is appreciated!
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further to my post above i have found the two websites below selling the touch, but am unsure about them as i've not heard of them before. has anyone here had any dealings with them???


According to McAfee SiteAdvisor BestPricedBrands is best avoided.


Feedback from credible users indicates an overall concern with shopping at this site.

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Rating: Bad shopping experience

According to the US site Better Business Bureau, designed to inform consumers of business before they trade, their business practices are rated F. The explanation for this rating is as follows:

We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company’s industry is known for its fraudulent business practices.


This business is not registered with Companies House in the UK

Posted at 07/05/2008-07:45:27 AM by Tenfyr, Reviewer , View profile [ Reputation score: 1 / 9 ]

Rating: Bad shopping experience

This site was reported as operating a scam.
US versions of goods.
Slow delivery.
Guarantee invalid in UK.
Customs fraud - mis-declaration of value.


Posted at 07/04/2008-11:29:16 PM by logicman, Reviewer , View profile [ Reputation score: 9 / 9 ]

Rating: This site is good

ordered sony cyber-shot dsc w170 on 15/06/08 (sun) arrived 19/06/08, would have come earlier but ups couldn't find address !!! camera came as advertised, complete & in original sealed condition. very pleased with the service.

Posted at 06/19/2008-11:11:43 AM by mirelka, Reviewer , View profile [ Reputation score: 1 / 9 ]

this site/company is to be avoided at all cost!!. I ordered a camera from them in mid April after reviewing/comparing prices on the kelkoo site. Payment was taken from my credit card on 16th april and the site had originally quoted 24-48 hours delivery. As of today I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY CAMERA - some 4WEEKS later !!!there is no contact phone or email on their website and tosday I finally received an email saying shipment had been arranged and that UPS were handling it. On looking at the tracking information, it seems this camera is coming from all over USA.....given others previous comments I sincerely hope that if/when I do receive this camera it is an english version with english connection charger and english legitmized guarantee!!..I will NEVER purchade anything from these people again - they appear extremely suspect to me

Posted at 05/08/2008-05:13:58 AM by I never have had one, Reviewer , View profile [ Reputation score: 1 / 9 ]

Rating: This site is good

Update to my entry of 9/4/08. Camera was delivered on 10/4/08. It was in its own Panasonic box but was then contained within a larger UPS box. This did make it sound as though it was "rolling about" but it was quite safe. All works ok and I have sucessfully registered the camera with Panasonic UK. Perhaps I was lucky but I have no complaints. The only thing was that their website says items are shipped within 24-48 hours whereas they confirmed to me in an email that the period is "within 5 working days".

Posted at 04/17/2008-10:24:30 AM by birdbath, Reviewer , View profile [ Reputation score: 1 / 9 ]

I ordered a camera from this company on the 3/4/08 without noticing the Site Advisor warning, and received an email from them to confirm the order. This allowed me to check the progress of the order.After 2 days of inaction I sent them an email and received a reply to say they ship within 3-5 working days. I then received another email to confirm the package had been sent to UPS for shipment. Shortly after that I received an email from UPS giving me the ability to track the shipment's progress. So far, although it is taking a long time, I am hopeful of receiving the camera!
Interestingly, the UPS email said it was sending it on behalf of SAROJ INTERNATIONAL INC, which I assume is the US name of the company behind the "BestPricedbrands" website. Looking this name up on the net gave me the following info: -
"Saroj International Inc., has been in business since 1992. We have grown tremendously by being ahead of trends in various segments, from computers to personal electronics, to fashion---with Dulce Baby and Femina Intimates.

Our Timepiece and Electronics division continues to be a leading importer and distributor in the United States today. Our buying strength benefits our customers as we are able to offer an unparalleled assortment at competitive prices.

Contact Information
Postal address
2615 S. Santa Fe Avenue
Vernon, CA 90058
Electronic mail
General Information: sales@sarojusa.com"

Although it seems to be being sent to various UPS depots, and hasn't yet left the US, it does look as I may get the camera! Hopefully this info will be of benefit to anyone else having problems. I wouldn't use this site again as there are UK companies that could provide the same camera at roughly the same price, and presumably deliver it a lot quicker!!

Posted at 04/09/2008-12:20:27 PM by birdbath, Reviewer , View profile [ Reputation score: 1 / 9 ]

Rating: Bad shopping experience

I ordered a digital camera from BPB and immediately received an acknowlegement email. The website indicated 24/48 hours dispach. The camera did not arrive so I emailed BPB but received no reply (there is no phone number or address). After 14 days and many emails there was still no reply. After contacting my credit card company BPB eventually emailed back with tracking details of my camera and 2 days later it finally arrived. The camera had come from the USA and came loose in a battered box without any protective packaging. Also loose in the box was a USA to UK socket adapter. The camera seemed ok but the guarantee card in the box was for USA and Canada only. A phonecall to Canon confirmed that the camera was in fact not guaranteed for the UK market.

Posted at 02/01/2008-02:19:38 PM by pete_95, Reviewer , View profile [ Reputation score: 1 / 9 ]

Rating: Bad shopping experience

Goods ordered but never received. Emails are not replied to and it must therefore be regarded as a scam site.
Details have been passed to the FTC, IC3 and GOOGLE.
Hopefully the sponsered link will be removed and the site will be shut down soon.
Always remember when ever you buy over the internet use a CREDIT CARD for protection.

Posted at 12/06/2007-06:51:10 AM by cycle1, Reviewer , View profile [ Reputation score: 1 / 9 ]

Rating: Bad shopping experience

I had no reason initially to doubt this site as it was the 1st one that came up in Google sponsored search and was listed as UK based.
I ordered a Canon IXUS 75 as depicted on the site.
I received the US model.
Same specifications BUT a manual in Spanish no valid warranty and an adaptor for the battery charger.
The item was sent by Fedex cited as "Games" to avoid customs charges.
Had customs picked up on this I would have be liable.
Emails to Jay Smith requesting a refund have proved futile.
I have reluctantly joined a long list of disgruntled customers.
I have seemingly done better than some in that I did infact receive a camera despite the fact that it was not the one that I ordered..others have not been so lucky.
I have filed a complaint with the FTC and IC3.
This person and his shoddy practice should be removed from Google searches.
Avoid the hassle and buy from a safe site.
Jay Smith is a shark..!

Posted at 10/07/2007-06:10:56 AM by radinka, Reviewer , View profile [ Reputation score: 1 / 9 ]

Rating: Bad shopping experience

Bogus shopping site that has a pitiful selection for any site that claims to be a shopping site. As one might expect from a scam site, contact information does not exist. No phone number. No email address. No names of any personnel. Stay away.

Posted at 08/21/2007-10:35:20 PM by dean, Experienced Reviewer , View profile [ Reputation score: 9 / 9 ]

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ah....best avoided then! thanks for taking the time to help, most appreicated. i think you may have saved me a lot of bother. cheers :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Best place would be straight from the horses mouth: Apple. Last time i checked they were selling them for £199 and you get a 12m Apple warranty. I thought that was good as i was considering getting one myself. But i will wait till september and buy a new one from the release Hope that helps
oh, so are there new models coming out? Is there any news on what will be changed for these?
Where did you hear that new models are coming out in Sept? Im looking to get the touch as well but may hold onto my money and get the newer model.
Few posts floating around around about here. Gimme two seconds and i'll find some
Here's one (read gd_meister's post). Apple will most likely bring them out now as this is their usual time to do so. Hang on to your cash and see what happens in september
cheers mate, will hold on to my wallet until Sept :thumbsup:
Hopefully, they will have something new and exciting or atleast something reasonably priced. But if anyone has their heart set on a soon-to-be-old model, buy it after the new ones come out as the prices will drop
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