WTD: Laptop £400 or under


    This is my first post but i have been using hotukdeals now for some time.

    I really need a new laptop as this one is doing my head in with its 256 RAM and 30gb hard drive!!

    I am looking for the following spec for £400 or under, obviously the cheaper, the better.

    Intel Core Duo 2 processor
    2gb (2048mb) RAM
    1.4 processor clock speed (at least)
    100gb hard drive (at least)
    Battery life of 5 hours plus (think thats a 9-cell lithion)
    Dual layer DVD-RW drive
    Built in wireless
    Decent Graphics card

    I know this may seem a lot to ask for at that price but i could also wait till january see if i get somethin in the sales. Im not fussed about the make of laptop as by now i believe your just paying for the 'Sony Vaio' name and others, as long as the internals are of good spec, hence above. Anyway any help greatly appreciated on any laptops of this spec for this price after any discounts, or cheaper



    The advent 9115 seems to tick all the boxes. I have just ordered one for my daughter. Price is £399.99 delivered, use code SANTA505 to knock 5% off and bring it to £379.99 plus go through quidco to get an EXTRA 5% BACK!
    FULL spec and detail on the link below....…id=

    I hope this helps?

    PS I would usually check this post to see if you ask any further questions BUT with this new site layout I cannot seem to find a post after I have written it so,if you have any questions please PM me and I will get back to you......

    Merry Chritmas and a Happy New Year :-D…ed/

    dontknow about the battery, think its a 2 hour one

    there you go

    Original Poster

    Cheers people, think the advent one is only a core duo, not core duo too as i'd already noticed that one.

    As for the HP one, need to do bit of research on the AMD Dual core 2 compared to the Intel Core Duo 2 processor, but if there much the same, cracking price indeed.

    Thanks for the replies and any more suggestions greatly appreciated.

    Also i heard from someone at work today that PC world bought a massive amount of laptop stock for christmas but arent selling nearly enough so are having a big sale after christmas.

    Anyone know anythin about that or able to confirm it? Or know of any other good sales for laptops after christmas?


    It's a bit over your budget but this one ticks all the boxes (very nearly!)

    ]http//ww…522 £439.98.

    It has a 6 cell battery rather than 9 cell,but everything else is as you want.:santa:
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