WTD: Monitor help please!

    My HP f1523 monitor has just broke. Looks like the fixed lead from monitor to tower is tripping the monitor. The screen flicks on and off.
    Firstly, can this be fixed??
    If not, can anyone recommend me a monitor for under £100 - with built in speakers PLEASE!!!!!!


    I think that it can be fixed but usually involves soldering a new cable into monitor. Time consuming so, even if you could find someone to do it, the cost would be, at a guess, over £50? Probably not worth it.

    If you can run to £115, this looks a great buy. Big screens take a bit of getting used to (a few hours) but you'll really appreciate it!…299

    Otherwise look elsewhere on Ebuyer site. They're usually about the cheapest - with the free delivery option.

    check at the back of your monitor if it is possible to unscrew the vga cable as quite alot of tfts have the ability to remove the cable
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