WTD: new mobile contract with 300+ mins, 300+ texts and a good freebie!

    I'm looking for a new mobile contract, but am quite bewildered by the choice.

    I need from the contract:

    No longer than 18 months contract
    300+ any time, any network minutes per month
    300+ texts per month
    a great freebie, ie. a ps3 or a laptop (why not, hey?)

    Oh yeah, I don't want to spend more than £35/mo.

    I don't mind which network it's on, but I want to port my number (currently on o2). I don't care too much about the phone, but Sony Ericsson or Nokia would be favourite.

    I've looked at the deals on Dialaphone and Phones4u, but have never used either company - are they any good?

    Can anyone recommend a good deal that would suit me, or that they have taken up recently? Thanks very much!


    I have bought phones from phones 4u but not online, in the shop.

    I have 500 mix n match (text or minutes) plus 300 mins to other 3 network users for only £18 a month.
    My hubby has 500 mins on 3 network for £15 a month.

    However these do not have any freebies but the money you are saving a mont you coud probabaly buy outright.

    When you get a freebie, its added on to your monthly amount anyway.

    Hope this helps.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the advice. The reason I wanted a freebie as well: I'd like a new laptop and ps3 (obviously!) and am already paying £35/mo for two phones. I didn't realise just how much I was getting ripped off until I saw these deals. So I'm used to paying £70/mo, I might as well get a couple of freebies eh?

    Nothing is ever free when arranging contracts, you will be paying for the cost of the 'free item somewhere along the line. And personnally id stay away from any of the offers in the back of newspapers etc.

    If you are on O2 already and IF you are happy with the phones you have then i suggest going on to a simplicity tarif. Im on one at the moment.

    For example, if you pay £70 a month for two phones at the moment then over 12 months it will cost you £840

    On O2 simplicity 'ONLINE 20' You get the following:

    400 minutes, any network any time,
    1000 txts
    Unlimited o2 to o2 calls

    plus its on a monthly contract so you can cancel when you like......all for £20

    Multiply this by your two phones you have. = £480 for the year.

    Leaving you with £360 differnence - enough for you tobuy outright a PS3 with some games or a laptop.

    Plus if you cancel your O2 then wait a bit and take out a new simplicity tarriff out vis quidco you get a further £23.33 caashback as well, x 2 = £47 more which is enough for another game, or even a printer......;-)

    Hope this helps, this is what i did in january!

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    I take your point about just getting a cheaper tariff, but I would like new phones, and the cost of the laptop or ps3 I could get with each phone would be ~£300. Granted, I could just get a cheap tariff and save the money, but this seems like a good way to get some goodies for the same money I'm paying right now.

    I'm not particularly happy with o2 as they have screwed me over my current contract and messed up my billing. So unless they can offer an amazing deal, I'll move.


    Go to [url][/url] and put into the deal creator what you would like in the way of texts and minutes and you can also choose one of their gifts...
    Just to get you…ba1

    Try (part of carphone warehouse). I got a Nokia 6300 on a 12month £30p/m contract with a free Dell C2D laptop! They don't have the dells anymore but do have Acer and HP. Find a handset you like then clike 'change to bespoke deal' and then the list comes up of possible free gifts.

    Original Poster

    Great, thanks. I've heard bad things about e2save, but might give them a go... (god, e2save have a terrible site...)
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