WTD Nike Air Rift Size 9 Mens Trainers


    I am after a pair of the above trainers (you know... the ones with the weird two toe thingy going on!!). I am only really going to where them when I go away at the end of April so I dont want to spend a fortune on them... around £30 to £40 would be good. I would prefer it if they were predominatly white and I kind of want to avoid Fleabay due to d
    tales of fakes knocking around!! I am not sure whether it is possible to find any for this price, but if any ones knows of anywhere, I am v. interested...

    I would consider buying the shoes second hand, provided they were in mint condition, photos were provided and cost no more than £30 delivered including PayPal charges...



    I'd go to if I were you.

    It's a site purely for these shoes, and they have a forum where people buy and sell them. They're all sneaker freaks and don't let any fakes get traded.

    Not sure if you'll get any for £30 though, even second hand (Nike haven't made that many white colourways so there aren't that many around).

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    Thanks for this... As you say, they are pretty pricey, and I doubt I will get any for what I am willing to pay, still no harm in trying,


    order some from the US using ebay
    and buy from a seller on the j600 forum
    who is known to sell real ones

    or if you find a good one you can post the link on j600 forums and they can tell you if they are real or fake
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