WTD: Playstation 3 Console DEALS

    what are the best deals around - pref without games as they are usually not of our choice anyway - 40 or 80 GB

    Also can you advice what do you use the extra HD for?


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    A good 160gb limited version. above.

    PS3 games for some reason need installing so the HDD wills up with this.
    If you get the PLAY TV, or record watch live tv from freeview (Great little box) you will appreciate the extra disk space.

    VOD will store as streaming HD movies at around 10gb a film..

    THe more disk space the better IMO.

    Also the PS3 is great for storing pictures (great slideshow function), music (mp3, wma, etc) and also videos (avi, divx, xvid, etc).

    TBH its a good all rounder. If i were you id go for the cheapest possible, a 40gig for around the £160 mark, and then get a good size hdd from Play, Amazon or Ebuyer and fit the new drive to it. You can then get a 320gig, 400gig or 500gig PS3 for pretty much what youd pay for a new 80gig or 160gig.

    If your worried about buying second hand and not getting a warranty then DONT. Sony offer a great scheme called Continuous Play which covers your PS3 after warranty for £5 a month (you can buy it by the month). If anything goes wrong sign up, wait a week, get them to replace your faulty unit within 2 days and then cancel the scheme costing you a grand total of £5 ;-)

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    thanks squelds, some rep your way! And where do they sell the 40gb for £160? I dont think I have come across any PS3 for that sort of money.

    Also how difficult is it to change the HDD? Neither myself or hubby are very technical minded :thumbsup:

    I was thinking more of a used one for that price but u can get them from places like Costco or others that come up cheap every now and again.

    Was a good one on here for sale last week. Second hand straight back from Sony using Continuous Play scheme most probs, but that means its been refurbed by Sony which is not a bad thing, and it was £150:


    So they do come up now and again if u wait a bit. Anyway as far as the drive is concerned i can fit a new one in 5mins its that easy. Basically its 1 small Philips to get the old hdd out, 4 screws to remove from its caddy, then put new drive in and put it back together. Its dead easy believe me... as long as hubby can use a screwdriver lol then youre ok ;-)

    PS as far as i can see the above one is still for sale. Looking at it it doesnt come with any leads or a controller... but all you will need is a standard kettle plug/power lead, a hdmi cable (can be got for a quid) and a controller which u can pick up for around £18.

    I've found that Blockbuster generally do the best deals on consoles on the high street, not sure about online though.
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