WTD: Re-Chargeable Battery Pack & Router

    I'm looking for a battery pack that I can plug a device into and also re-charge it from the mains.

    It must last for a fairly long period of time and be very simple i.e easily lets me plug in a device and easy to charge of mains supply

    Anyone got any good ones in mind or can point me to any?

    Also looking for a router that would allow wireless connection. Not looking to pay too much as i'll be taking it abroad to India to use.


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    Probably because the question is vague, battery packs tend to be different device to device, unless you are looking for something like a ]freeloader which come with adaptors for a range of portable devices.

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    I'm looking for something that I can actually insert a mains plug into and charge/power it from it

    Freeloaders have the option of mains charging the internal battery.
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