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    So Me Dad is now new age and wants to Recycle everything in sight!
    So for Christmas I wanted to get him some things to help him along. But apart from Fleabay, all I can find on line, is "Trade" or "Business Only" sites.

    Has anyone, or does anybody know where I can get, Can Crushers, bag holding units and the seperate bins themselves?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks:santa: :thumbsup:


    Cheap compost bins from your local council


    Just enter you postcode

    Good idea, Barney ... since we got a compost bin we recycle all of our kitchen scraps that can go in there :-) I love it

    What about these can crushers, bags and bins at Lakeland -…cle
    I'm sure there's a discount voucher on the voucher page, too

    Original Poster

    Brilliant, thanks a lot, thats exactly what I was after.
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