WTD Retin-A Gel ??

    My cousin asked me if I could get some Retin A gel, So I went to the Pharmacy and you can't get hold of it for some reason. It's some gel that helps sort out acne from the internet research I've done.. Does anyone know where I could buy this off the net or some place?



    I just tied google shopping and you can get it in loads of online shop heres the link…=wf

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    OMDS and I didn't come to think off that thanks your a LEGD Repp Added

    I dont know how much prescription charges are these days, but your cousin may get better results from going to see GP, Retin-A can be prescribed by a doctor, also many other oral medications, if acne is not helped by any of these, they will be referred to a dermatologist, that was the only way to go for me, as the retin-A did not help, although now I hear it is good for wrinkles, so may need to try some!!!

    Prescription would be cheaper plus I would be worried about the side effects if It's a controlled substance hun

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    true after reading it u need a private prescription lol

    I tried this from the docs and it made my skin burn like hell!

    Would deffo recommend getting it from docs

    You need a prescription, either NHS or private, you cant just buy it over the counter.

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    I tried this from the docs and it made my skin burn like hell!Would deffo … I tried this from the docs and it made my skin burn like hell!Would deffo recommend getting it from docs

    did it work?


    did it work?

    Nope! Fraid not lol

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    Nope! Fraid not lol

    what did work then? lol

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    I'm getting paranoid that I may have acne LOL

    Nothing worked for me, just trying good old water and exfoliator.

    Everyone is different though and some things may work for some but not others.


    Have a good read of this BUPA fact sheet - be patient and persist

    Tea tree and witch hazel wash and toner from boots along with the tea tree and witch hazel spot wand helped my brother and a friend. Also one of the natural Lush facemasks, smelled gross but my friend said it helped along with a good moisturiser and using more expensive makeup like clarins which didn't clog the pores.
    That all helped her, but in the end the thing that cleared it like magic was going on the pill, I can't believe it she now has clearer skin than me! Obviously no good if you are a man.

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    yeee shes got it on her back its started to develop...
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